Common Water Damages Claims


Water damage is among the most common insurance claim,  Each year many homeowners and landlords are covered for water damages handle by the insurance, some damages may required an endorsement for flood insurance, is important that you review your policy with your insurance agent or a public adjuster, to ,make sure that you have the proper coverage.

Common Types Of Water Damage Claims

Preventing water damage must be your first priority, but in the event that water damages occur, you need to call a contractor to perform the emergency repairs to prevent water damage to extent to other areas of your home, the most common water damages claim are

Sewer Back Up, Flooding, Clogged toilet, Heavy rain, melting snow, leaking roof, foundation cracks, plumbing leaks, bursting pipes, broken appliances.

Flood Water Damage Claim

its important to know that some water damages cause by flood, are not cover by the regular homeowner insurance and need a flood insurance, flood insurance coverage may depend on the fine print of the policy, It’s important to know what is covered by your flood insurance and avoid unexpected surprises when the damages arrive.

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You Need To Act Quickly

After water damages occur homeowner are responsible to get help from a professional to prevent further water damages into other areas of your home,  also to call your public adjuster to start the insurance claim process and get the most of your claim in accord to your policy, you also need to…

Move undamaged possessions to a safe area, Documents all damages, drain standing water, dry the water damaged areas, keep all damaged items, and begin the recovery process better through a public adjuster..

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Emergency Damages Repairs

Most emergency repairs contractors, will take care of all emergency repairs like, drying water damaged areas, drain water, removing damages section of walls and ceiling, and even running dehumidifier and other equipment to prevent or removed mold from the affected areas

Most companies will perform theses emergency repairs immediately at your request and will send the invoice directly to the insurance company, avoiding you to deal with the financial stress to cover unexpected payment.

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We Can Help You To Deal With Your Insurance Claims

We have helped many customers to deal with their water damages insurance claims and other insurance claim, Call us to help you to get all the help that you need in an emergency situation, regardless the type of claim or damages we are here to help.

We will visit you the same day of your damages and if necessary we will relocate you to another home while we recover and restore your damages, we also will call our public adjuster and mitigation company to start the process of emergency repairs and water damage insurance claim 

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We work closely with a public adjuster that will recover the most of your insurance claim to the full extend of your policy, after your insurance claim is approved, we will restore the house to the same or better condition that was before the water damages, as soon a you call us we also will send a mitigation company that will take care of the emergency repair and send the bill directly to the insurance company, without affecting your payment to restore your home.

Restoration Process

Our expert remodeling team will work closely with you the restore and repairs all your water damages, the entire process will be supervised by our restoration manager, that will assure that the undamaged areas are covered, protected from dust traffic. 

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our team will perform the repairs in coordination with you and performing a daily cleanup to keep your home in a safe for your occupancy, As an experienced contractor,  KAC Construction can be counted on to do the job right, with the best products and warranties.  Call us for a free evaluation tod

If you think you have hail and wind damage to your roof, learn more about hail damage and request your free, zero-pressure estimate here.


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