Extraordinary Exteriors
Exceptional exteriors repairs by KAC Construction, We take care of everything from roofing and gutters to siding, windows. We always looking to get materials, colors, and textures to come together & beautiful, Making your home oustand from the others in your neighborhood.
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Restore Your Home
KAC Construction has worked with insurance companies to repair thousands of homes and buildings after damaging storms. Our focus is to make the restoration process straightforward and stress-free for you, Our goal is to get your home restore to the same or better condition than before the storm.
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quality Roofing
thousands of roof replacement done by KAC Construction, Many homeowners only paid their insurance deductible for their roof replacement,Call Tel (401)837-6730 for a free roof inspection, If you qualify our public adjuster will help you to get approved for a new roof paid by your homeowner insurance.
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Roofer Contractor RI, Servicing Connecticut & Massachusetts

Roofer contractor RI, servicing every city and town in Connecticut. And Massachusetts. We have been in business since 1999 and thousand of roofs have been. Installed by our team, we have helped many homeowners to get their roof replaced by their insurance company, ny identifying winds damages during our free roof inspection 

Schedule a free aerial roof inspection and to find out if you qualify for a roof replacement paid by your homeowners insurance company, you only needs to paid your insurance deductible, get the most experience roofer contractor ri at your service.

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Roof Replacement & Repairs
Residential & Commercial

do you need and roof repair or roof replacement? you come to the right place, We install & repair all types of roof, Ask us for a free inspection & potential roof installation by paying only your insurance deductible.

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Property Restoration Experts
Exterior & Interior

We are a roofer contractor RI, but do more than roof, we will restore your home to the same or better condition than before the storm damages, We do more than roof replacement and Vinyl siding, Also water damages repair, Painting and more.

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Property Damage
Insurance Claims

We team with a public adjuster, that will make stress free your insurance claim from start to finish, While we will focus on the restoration process, making your storm damaged roof replacement & water damages restoration an easy process for you

Start With A Free Aerial Roof Inspection

Call us for a non compromise free inspection, our roofer contractor team will identify for any potential wind or storm damages, that compromise your roofing system, vinyl siding and may caused water damages in your home or commercial property.

Many property owners qualify for a new roof or vinyl siding by only paying the amount of their insurance deductible, in many cases only one wind damaged missing shingle or one piece of missing vinyl siding, is enough to qualify for a new roof replacement or new vinyl siding replacement.

Call for a free inspection, and if we discover recent wind or storm damages,  you also may qualify for roof replacement and home restoration paid by your insurance company

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Water Damages Home Restoration

We will take care of your water damages repairs & home restoration,

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Wind Damaged Roof Insurance Claim

We are a reputable roofer contractor RI with a large experience providing a quality roof and a stress-free experience for you.

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Seamless Gutters

We've partnered with premium brands to provide you with the best siding products available and to ensure optimal installation.

Vinyl Siding Damaged By Hail

Whether you want new construction windows or replacement windows, we will expertly install the design of your choice.

Roofer Contractor RI - Connecticut & Massachusetts