HIGH WIND ALERT HAVE BEEN ISSUE FOR ALL CT... High wind alert have been issue for all CT, Possible Damaging winds of 55-65 MPH - High winds are expected for Monday April 13, 2020 after easter. This high winds may cause damages at your property like... 💥Roof damages..💥 Vinyl Siding damages by fying Objects 💥 Shingles Blowing off your roof, leaving exposure roofing deck that may lead to costly water damages inside your property...| We recommend remove all small item that could be pick up by the high wind and may become potential damaging flying objects.

YOU MAY QUALIFY FOR  POTENTIAL FREE ROOF REPLACEMENT...  If your roof get damaged by this Potential damaging high winds, you may qualify for a roof replacement, Paid by your homeowner insurance 💥 Don't worry you are not along - We can help you to navigate through the complicated process of an insurance claim, Call us for a free roof evaluation and we will make sure you get  complete roof replacement, no just a roof Repair 💥 We hire  a public adjuster that will represent us to make sure you get a new roof replacement and all other repairs that you may qualify.

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO AFTER WIND STORM... You need to inspect your property looking for possible wind damages, If you see missing shingles or any other roof damages, take pictures and call a roofer contractor to perform an estimate the damages.

BEFORE YOU CALL YOUR INSURANCE... Make sure you get professional help from a roofer contractor and a public adjeuster that will help you to get your home restore to the same conditions that was before the wind storm..💥 Our company have a long term business relation with  reputable public adjsuters, Our team will

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figth and negotiate for you with your homeowner insurance company, to make sure they follow the law and you get a complete roof replacement instead of an small roof repair...💥 Call Today For Free Roof Evaluation & Estimates💥

WE WILL TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING FOR YOU... We will perform a free storm Damages Evaluation, And if you qualify for a new roof replacement paid by your homeowner insurance, ( You Don't Need To Call Your Insurance ) We will take care of everything for you.. From start to finish, Our public adjuster will call your insurance company and place the insurance claim for you, We will coordinate the meeting and do the negotiation for you, When your claim is approved, we will perform your roof replacement 💥 You Only Have To Pay For Your Insurance Deductible 💥

EMERGENCY ROOF REPAIRS & UNEXPECTED COSTS... Don't worry we will take care of your emergency roof repairs for you, and we will bill your insurance company directly, while your insurance claim is in process we will place a temporary tarp in your roof to prevent further damages to your property, If additional work is neccesary to guaranteed the quality of the job, this will be done without any extra or unexpected cost for you, We will send the bill to your insurance.

WATER DAMAGES HOME RESTORATION & MITIGATION SERVICES... If you have more than roofing & other exterior  damages like interior water damages, We also can help you with the mitigation services, to prevent water damages to expand to other areas, We will perform the emergency initial repairs and place as many professional dehumidifiers as neccesary to remove the water and mold out of your property.. 💥 We will bill your insurance for those emegency repairs and after insurance approval we will restore your home to the same or better condition that before the damages

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Free Storm Damages Evaluation 

Call today for your emergency roof repairs after a high wind storm, we will bill your insurance company and our public adjuster will take care of your insurance claim.


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