Roof Replacement CT.

1- Everything Included, Not Hidden Fees & Not Extra Charge... When you hire us to perform your roof replacement, everything is included, Labor & Materials, Dumpster & Permit, Replacing all rotted wood, Installing new lead flashing around chimney, Ridge vent installation and... even the unexpected roof repairs not included in the price..

2- Not deposit require to start your project... Our policy is never take deposit from our customers until we have delivered our promises.. We will pay materials from our pocket, deliver materials to your property, Get the building permit, we also will deliver the dumpster to your property before we ask for any deposit.. Different from other contractors we never ask for money in advance for materials, not even an small deposit.

3- Roof replacement done by code...  We follow and exceeds the roofing industry require codes, We install six (6) feels ice water around all perimeter of the roof, chimney, valleys and other critical areas, Many times in roofs with low pitch we install Ice & Water to the 100% of the roofing deck, We use the best roofing paper in the industry, syntactic paper instead of the regular felt paper, all roofing features replaced.

4- Lead flashing done professionally... We always install a new lead flashing on every roof replacement, even if your chimney have a new one, We do more than installing a new lead flashing around chimney, We also install step flashing that prevent the the driven winds water leaks, and the new lead flashing are waved a minimum of 4 inches under the shingles.

 Most Roof Replacement $149.00 Per Month

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Aso Helping You With Your Insurance Claims & Homes Restorations

Since 1999 performing quality roof repairs and roof replacement done right at the best price, hundreds of satisficed customers are our best advertising, our many customers testimonials and BBB reviews said everything about our excellent reputation. 💥 Everything  included in our price, no hidden fees, no extra charges, we includes roofing deck repairs, lead flashing around chimneys, six feets ice water, ridge vents and everything required for a new roof done by code 💥 With us you get a roof replacement done right without surprise.

Insurance Claims Roof Replacement: If you have storm related roof damages like missing shingles, Hails damages, High winds damages or any other storm related roof damages, you may be entitle to a roof replacement pay by your homeowner insurance policy, you only will be responsible to pay for your deductible... Call us and our public adjuster will take care of the entire process of your insurance claims from start to finish.

Emergency Roof  Repairs: While  your insurance claims is proccess we will perform a temporary repair to prevent a any further damages to your property, after your claim is approved we will take care of the roof replacement and the interior home restoration until your home is restore back to the way that was before the storm damages, We will bill your insurance claims directly for the repairs.

Home Restoration: We will perform more than just a roof replacement, we will also do a complete interior and exterior home restoration... We will restore your home to the same way or even better than the way that was before the storm damages.


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