You Need to make Sure, Your Roof is Ready for Winter Season

The winter have so many severe weather conditions that will appear from the beginning of the season. Before winter storms arrive is very important you prepare your roof for possibles winter damages like ice dams, roof leaks and high winds accompany by heavy rain.. We would like to recommend few maintenance tips that will help you to prevent leaks, debris, water backing up, gutters falling apart and property damages cause by ice dams..

Step 1: Re-Seal Flashing and look for roof leaks.

There are few signs that will tell you if you have a leak in your roof.  Water stain on your ceiling and walls are clear indication that there’s a leak problem. The most common roof leaks are coming from the wrong installation of  chimney lead flashing, Missing shingles, loose vents and not sealed step flashing around dormers and above bow windows, if you want to prevent any of this possible winter damages call a roofer professional for a roof inspection and pre-winter roof maintenance.

Step 2: Take care of roof leaks as soon as possible.

Small leaks can create to bigger and more expensive home repairs problems if they are not timely fixed,  We know that you don’t want mold or rotted insulation in your home without counting the damages to the memories and personal items that cannot be replace with money, You need to act on the first sign of a  possible roof leak,  it’s important to note that you should never put yourself in danger just to save a few dollars, We always recommend to call a professional roofer for this roof repairs.

Step 3: Clean your gutters and downspouts

Leaves and tree debris not cleaned out of your gutter system , Will create an inevitable damages to your fascial board, soffits, Roof Leaks and possible gutter falling off during the winter because the weight of the ice dam and snow accumulated on the clogged gutters. Clogged gutters and downspouts are disasters waiting to happen.. so be sure to to have unobstructed gutters and downspouts before winter time.

Step 4: Schedule a roof inspection before winter.

We understand that you may not be an expert performing all these roof inspections, or you just don't have the time and prefer that a professional roofer take care of this roof inspection and roof maintenance before the winter.. Don't worry we are here to help you to guarantee that your roofing system will survive even the most severe winter weather.

Call us to schedule a roof inspection and roof maintenance.