Ed Obrein share his experience

I have my system installed since 2006, from the day one until today... I never have pay a dollar for my utility bills, I run my entire home on electricity, My solar panels produce enough electricity to keep my home running all year long, including my Ac Units, Heat units, Electric stove and everything on my home.. and I am still getting money back every month.                         Ed Obrein

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Get a free evaluation to find out how much money you can save on your electric bill, Many times your saving are enough to paid for your system.  And still get extra money back every month because the extra electricity that your solar panel send back to the grid.

There is another incentive ( monthly check ) that you can receive for 15 years, depending on how much energy you produce.

Replaced Your Roof Before Installing Your New Solar Panel

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Ed Obrein

West Greenwich RI

We pay not utility bill since the system was..

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Obrein Father

East Greenwich

Our only bill is a monthly credit enough

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Customer 5

City five

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